Xenopoulou Salof

Clinical Dietician - Nutritionist

Vanessa was born and raised in Limassol, Cyprus, where as a teenager she was actively involved in competitive sports. This led to an interest in healthy eating from an early age.

Vanessa received her B.Sc. in Human Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where she was also a member of her University Tennis Team.She received her RD, having trained at Franklin Medical Center and has worked in private practice in her home country since.

From the beginning of her career she was actively involved in her profession as well as in organized social groups. She was awarded with the RYDA (Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year Award) by the American Dietetic Association. She was the secretary of the Cyprus Dietetic Association for 6 years and a member of the Organizing and Scientific Conference Committee. She is a member of the American Overseas Dietetic Association and has been a member of the Nominating Committee of the AODA.

She has given many lectures to organized groups regarding nutrition and many interviews on TV and radio shows. She continues in her quest to keep up with current findings, in the world of nutrition, and has participated in many conferences in Cyprus and abroad.

Her personal battle with infertility and the arrival of her son after 8 years of trying to conceive has inspired her to search and find solutions within her field in order to help others in their plight to conceive.

Many believe that timing is everything. In a casual meeting with her colleagues, Tina and Christina, the concept of "My Nutrilosophy" was born; a new nutrition philosophy where clinical dietetic practices integrate with research based natural approaches for better overall results.

All three dieticians have realized that food can play a major role not only in preventing disease but also in reversing various conditions.

Through her book, her continuous reading, and this website, she aims to help as many couples as possible in becoming parents. She truly believes there is a way to achieve this and that the blessing of becoming a parent is undoubtedly unparalleled.